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Should you SHABE YOUR BRAND with me?

Updated: Apr 17

Obviously, YES! And here is why:

I am Jana Gross and I am an expert and researcher in the field of data and AI marketing with a background in business and data science. I earned a PhD from ETH Zurich and in my research and work I focus on how to make brands successful in the digital space. I particularly focus on developing personalized brand and marketing strategies based on insights from analytics with a holistic data approach. Branding and marketing are  —  probably more than ever  —  as challenging and important as before. SHABE YOUR BRAND is the result of my passion not only to advance knowledge in the AI world we live in, but also to bridge that knowledge into action.

SHABE YOUR BRAND: Your expert of turning marketing data into information and information into insights!

SHABE YOUR BRAND should help you to sharpen your knowledge and understanding of digital, data, and AI marketing. I conduct state-of-the-art research in the field to develop best practices in data and AI marketing and management. My goal is to highlight the field from different angles. I strongly believe that combining all perspectives of all participants allow to generate a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of how new technologies influence marketing and branding which, in turn, helps you to better shape your brand in the digital space.

This is exactly what I do  —  combining the different perspectives of companies, content creators, agencies, researchers, and other market participants.

My work is interesting for companies, agencies, content creators, social media users, or simply for anyone who is interested in learning more about digital marketing, new technologies, and analytics. I sincerely hope that by sharing my expertise, your understanding of the field increases and will result in fruitful discussions that will advance the entire field even further.

If you want to shape your brand in the era of AI, then reach out to me!


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